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    Hi to all Patch creators,

    the Navit packages for the Pre also contains eSpeak eSpeak: Speech Synthesizer which is a text to speak engine. In Navit it is used to announce the driving directions, but it can also be used by any other application on the Pre to speak a text.

    My Request is to create a patch that takes the text of the incoming call dialog and send it to espeak if the name of the caller is know. I did a quick look in the jsjsjs $code$ $and$ $I$ $think$ $it$ $should$ $be$ $possible$. $Only$ $my$ $JS$ $skills$ $are$ $to$ $bad$ $and$ $I$ $do$ $not$ $have$ $the$ $time$ $to$ $investigate$ $it$ $in$ $detail$ $myself$.

    On problem could be the call of the eSpeak program with the text as Parameter. I do not know if this is possible in WebOS without a service.

    The espeak ipk can be downloaded here as part of the Navit package.

    Here is an example how to call it for speaking:
    /media/cryptofs/apps/usr/palm/applications/org.webosinternals.espeak/espeak "This is a test for espeak. It is used by Navit for driving directions. Perhaps it will be used by other applications in the future."
    Contact me if you need to have any changes in the eSpeak start and I will try to implement them. I would like to make eSpeak a engine for general voice announcements by different applications on the Pre.
    The next plan is to let eSpeak find out the right language from the Pre configuration, now it uses English as default.

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    Sounds good, but surely need a service first.
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    Sounds great so far. Would be nice to have my Pre announce callers or even read text messages just for fun.

    I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this.
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    good idea
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    +1 especially if a way could be worked out to have it speak over the ringtone.
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    Just chiming in I have the Icon headset and it currently calls out the numbers when I use google voice it calls out the name. I don't know much about the service aspect but alot to the voice dial stuff is already on the pre.
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    I would love that. I didnt realized how many features I used on my E71 and now Im more and more disappointed with whole webos/pre situation.
    Dont get me wrong - multitasking is ultimate and synergy is a great concept, but if there was something like e71 with slightly higher resolution, touchscreen and usable browser I would move back to symbian any minute.

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