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    Hey, so my friend really enjoyed my Palm Pre so she decided to get one for herself and loves it.

    BUT, there was one thing that she really liked on mine: the Facebook Chat Patch.

    Well, I told her that if she got the phone I would be more than happy to install it.

    BUUUT.... for some reason her facebook login is not recognized while mine is.

    I've tried logging in her credentials for facebook on my Pre and her Pre (using the does not work.

    Logging into my credentials (using on either phone works perfectly.

    She can log into Facebook app and her contacts from FB are synced with the phone fine.

    What gives? Why can she not log into Facebook Chat using the patch but I can??????


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    figured it out...she needed an account username.

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    i have a account username on facebook i confirmed it and everything but im going through the same thing my facebook chat does not work. and my friends work perfectly.

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