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    I have a problem with the communication between my PalmPre and me:

    Sometimes I have no idea what it's doing and why it's not doing what it should:

    An email someytimes stays half an hour in the outbox. Is my Pre just trying to send it? Why isn't the message disappearing?
    Sometimes I get an "Error sending Email" - yeah, awesome, and what was the problem? Password Error? Network connection lost? Attachement to huge? How do I get to know?

    When trying to upload something to facebook: The circle is turning and turning and turning and ... and then "Error uploading to facebook" - no progressbar before, no information at what step of the upload-process the pre is atm (for eg "Login In"->"transfering data"[progress-bar]->login out)

    Yeah I can imagine that palms idea was to keep it as simple as possible...but sometimes I like to throw the pre away when an upload fails for the third time and I have no idea why.

    Any Ideas how I could teach my pre to talk to me?
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    take off your belt...

    what? It worked with my dog.

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