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    either im an ***** and cant figure it out...or the pre' doesn't support saving sounds sent to you via sms...***??

    my wife just sent me an mp3-format sound and i can't save it!!!! (its hilarious too :P)

    so someone please enlighten me...or this is a serious patch that needs to be made...

    again, i searched the forums for this but found nothing..
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    Try this workaround:

    Either connect to your PC in USB mode and check the messaging folder for your attachments or use an app like Internalz to move the file on your phone into the correct folder.
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    You can do this directly on your phone using the Internalz apps as K4p741nkrunch stated.

    Whenever you receive a photo (which you can save via standard functionality) or an audio file, Palm creates a folder and stores the file in /media/internal/.attachments/mms/

    1) Open Internalz
    2) Navigate to /media/internal/.attachment/mms/
    3) Scroll all the way down to the bottom (the last folder is the most recent)
    4) Open folder
    5) Click on file (there will be at least two files but you should be able to determine which one is the audio will not have an least for me it did not)
    6) Select 'Info'
    7) Add .mp3 as the file extension (this must be done in order to play the file)
    8) Select 'Move' from the list
    9) Select the folder you want to move it to...for ringtones it will be /media/internal/ringtones

    There you go. You now have a ringtone saved to your phone that was sent via text.

    Hope this helps. I use it all the time. It's not as great as being able to save it from the text directly, like you can for a photo, but you can at least save an audio file sent to you.

    It's best to save the file as soon as you get it since you'll know what folder the file is in. If you wait and receive other MMS and additional folders are created then you will have to fish for the file, which could take some time.

    Also, please note, I saved the files I got as .mp3 because they were mp3's sent to me but did not have the .mp3 extension for some reason. I have not tried this with other file types but I would imagine it would work if the file type can be played on the Pre.


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