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    Hey guys,

    I've just stumbled across you guys and I'm really enjoying the site. Good job! I've been looking all over for a patch or app which would allow my pre to connect to the wireless at work. Currently, the network security only supports iphone but since webOS is open and linux based I was wondering if anyone knew a way for me to "disguise" my phone and connect??

    Thank you in advance for your help!

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    I don't see how the wifi could only work for iPhone
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    I dont see how you can configure a network to only work with one specific phone....
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    Isn't the MAC address coded in a way to say the manufacturer/model/serial number?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Queueyou View Post
    Isn't the MAC address coded in a way to say the manufacturer/model/serial number?
    The first 6 digits identify manufacturer - I'm not sure if there's mac addy spoofing on the pre or not.
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    I'm assuming you wanna connect for business reasons...similiar to BES on blackberry? Someone wrote an iphone spoof patch for the Pre browser to disguise it as an iphone. I'm no programmer, but I'm not sure why one couldn't be written for wifi spoofing...
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    There is a patch to spoof the web browser to appear that is an iPhone.

    But if these tech guys are doing their homework, they are doing it with the MAC address and that is something you cannot spoof.

    Try and find out how they are blocking it.

    Question out of curiosity, why is your company only allowing iPhones?

    Is it a Apple shop?

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    Easy fix would be to go to your IT guys, buy one of them a beer and have them let you in.

    I work in a manufacturing facility, and the wireless used to be only available to the IT group. I got promoted to a supervisor position over the shop floor. I pleaded my case in explaining that my cell service in the building is horrible, and that I already sync with exchange for my emails, so whats the harm in allowing me to hit our wireless routers?

    It was approved and my mac was added in about 3 minutes.
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    Thank you all for your responses,

    Basically, every device (laptop or portable) has to register with the office security network before it can be accessed. If you're connecting a laptop they force you to run security software to enusure your device is not a security risk.

    when I try to connect my pre, I'm initially directed to a registration page where they tell me the only mobile devices that can be registered are apple iphones . When I try to connect anyway I'm told "the device is not recognised".

    My tech knowledge isn't advanced enough to know how this is done, but i'm guessing that the mac id method suggested above is probably the most likely.

    I'm using the iphone browser spoof already so that hasn't made any difference. It's a real shame they only support the iphone, because I really love my pre and I'd hate to have to downgrade to the ****ty iphone just to satisfy the network fascists!

    My company deals with a lot of sensitive information (no it's not Apple lol) so I can understand why security is so tight, but part of me wants to get around it simply becuase the IT guys at work are total ******s! (they're not "buying a pint" sort of guys)

    I should add that I'm posting from the UK, so perhaps network protocalls work differently here?

    Anyways, thanks for your help guys. If you could let me know if there is anything out there at present, or even if a suitable patch is theoretically possible, I'd appreciate it.
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    I know where you are comming from. Currently I am attending the university of illinois at chicago and their wireless system has the same kind of security features. If you want to use a laptop, you have to bring it in so they can install a security patch. They also have a version of this patch available for the iphone, but unfortunately not for webos. I will be monitoring for updates and i have spoken with the IT team from the school and they said that its possible, but another fellow student wrote the code for the iphone app.

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