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    Was wondering if it would be possible to do Live Wallpapers on WebOS, much like the newer versions of Android. Granted, this wouldn't have any usable functionality, but would have a coolness factor of 10+.
    I truly think that a surprisingly large number of WebOS users would be willing to pay for this and adding cool points to the Pre would be helpful all the way around.
    Come on you crazy talented WebOS Devs, YOU CAN DO IT!
    The Saint
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    Please do a search next time but the general consensus is that it can't be done and would be a waste to pursue since it would waste both battery life and processing power
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    When I searched I didn't find a satisfactory answer, so I asked. It's as a legitimate question as any other I read on here on a daily basis.
    In the future, if you can't reply to someones post with something constructive, maybe you shouldn't reply at all instead of poorly attempting to be the "forum police".
    If i need advise on how to post a question, I'll ask.

    So....getting back to my subject, the Android devices seem to be handling Live Wallpapers with no ill effects and we all know that WebOS is FAR superior than Android, then I thought it might be possible to pull it off.
    The Saint
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    As for me suggesting you search next time it was in no way me "poorly attempting to be the "forum police" " all I was doing was trying to be helpful to everyone because every time there is a duplicate thread it just makes it more difficult to search for an existing thread leading to more duplicates but like you said back to the topic of this thread...

    The OS might be superior but the processor is not the N1 has snapdragon to pull off the live wallpapers
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    No hard feelings dude, I appreciate your input and have read many of your posts in the past and always appreciated them as well.
    The Saint
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    The Droid (non-incredible) also has live wallpapers. My coworkers used to play with it all the time until I switched them to Pres :P They are essentially the same hardware, but their programmers are working with a very well documented open system. Luna is proving not to be as well documented. It's possible, but it would take a restructuring of a lot of the luna framework. I haven't been on IRC much these days, but I think the Pre hackers are focusing on more practical projects at the moment :/ Sucks.. I love all the impractical stuff :P
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    Same here, as I was saying, I know it doesn't serve much purpose, but would still be very cool and anything, at this point that makes the Pre look cool, helps our cause.
    I guess I'm just suffering from Android envy, lol.
    The Saint
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    I've noticed that the ones who always suggest you do a search 1st have never tried to search. If you do you either get nothing or a bunch of threads that may have one post (somewhere in the 300 post included in that thread) that may have one word out of what you searched for. That is not helpful in finding an answer to your question.

    There are times when you may get lucky and find an answer to your question but most times you get threads that may have a post in which someone mentioned what you searched for.

    Sometimes you may even get a thread where someone else asked your same question. Only to find out that all the post say to use the search box.

    I see many threads that are repeats of threads that have already been posted & they get a bunch of answers. Even though the thread two post down has all the answers & the same question as a topic.

    This isn't fair to newbies that have a question. It's much easier to just post a link to the proper thread for them. That is if it's that easy to find what they're asking for by just using the search box.
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    Yes, some backgrounds can be animated, thought not the base wallpaper:
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