I've been getting this:

Can anyone help?

Having looked around the internet, it looks as if not being able to update to 1.4 isn't such a bad thing, but when I tried to update to 1.4 (and 1.3.5 in the past), I get the error "The update failed to properly validate".

I can't seem to find a way to fix this properly - the suggestion of full hard reset first isn't something that seems guaranteed to work, nor do I want to as I can't back up my phone (there isn't a way to capture the non-USB stuff - ie texts and call records).

Is there a way that I can fix this problem? I'm officially desperate - Noone seems to be able to help apart from "do a hard reset, oh, you'll lose your texts and call history" or "update using the OS doctor and you'll lose your texts and call history".

I've tried updating over 3G, wireless - even deleting the decompressed files to see if it'll help....