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    this isn't a biggie..but with so many ways to personaize our Pre's, I thought it would be nice cuz that crap is annoying to me..for whatever reason.

    and my whiteout wore off..LOL!

    is this possible?
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    If it is possible, It would be cool if you could change what it says.

    not that i really have anything to change it to. haha.

    I actually didn't even know it said that I had to open up my phone and check. haha
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    Ask and you shall receive. This patch removes the enter message here text from the message app.
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    sweet! I shall install this upon my arrival to me hizzy after this thing I call work..
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    hey mamouton...did you test this? i just installed it and its still there...
    "I can't believe how cool this phone is..." (every iPhone user that has seen it )
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    I installed to my Pre it is gone for me, ah but it is only gone with a new message not a reply message let me fix and repost.

    Updated patch to remove Enter message here in new messages and reply messages
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