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    Palm shows off synergy and all the Google syncing it does. But give us upload to photobucket?

    How can I create a patch to upload to picasa? Or anyone up for the task? If anyone wants this please thank me for bringing it up! or comment.
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    I want this.

    LOL Are you begging for thanks? Trying to build some sort of rep? I'm not going to thank you. I don't need someone with an inflated Ego start blah-ing about how awesome he is cause he/she received thanks when he/she made a thread asking for other people to do work for him/her.
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    Now that the 2.1 SDK is almost in the clear, is it possible to add this functionality to the photos app? i've been dying to have direct upload to Picasa without using Pixelpipe...

    Edit: thinking about this a bit more, i'm not sure if the issue is with webOS's capabilities, or the fact that Picasa doesn't provide a public API. Can someone answer that?

    Edit 2: more likely this is due to webOS not providing a way to interface with the photos app. Can anyone confirm/deny this?
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    What about an app that uses the camera and allows you to post that picture immediately to Picasa?
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    i have wanted this also
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    I was so just going to post this request as well! Luckily search around to see if it was already up here. I too am interested to see if that is a lack of google public API or a WebOS thing. It would be so wonderful to get this patch.
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    As for now you can use the Upload by E-mail feature in Picasa

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