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    I love this community. 300,000 members... millions of great ideas.

    I just installed Mode Switcher a few days ago.

    I love it so far. Unfortunately I've found myself limited by my imagination. I'd like to know how others are using Mode Switcher. I know there is a Mode Switcher thread, but at 1000+ posts (much of it too technical for me) it is too unwieldy for me to process.

    I've got three custom settings: Office, Car, and Touchstone Home

    Office: Triggers by GPS (100 ft), Turns on wi-fi, Sets ringer at 50

    Car: Sets volume and ringer 100, opens Pandora and Sprint Nav, turns off wi-fi

    Touchstone Home: Triggers when phone is on Touchstone at home between 10p and 7a. Turns off data and wi-fi. Turns off screen when on charger.

    I also have the system menu mode menu patch installed.

    So... How do YOU use Mode Switcher?
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    Good idea for a thread I'd like to hear other people's experiences too.
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    I have a Good Morning mode which I activate manually. All it does is open Preware, App Catalog, Tweed, and AniWeather.
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    Just installed it today. Will try things out to put it to good use.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gollyzila View Post
    I have a Good Morning mode which I activate manually. All it does is open Preware, App Catalog, Tweed, and AniWeather.
    I like it... Just created my own manual Good Morning mode.

    It opens Agenda, App Catalog, Express Stocks and LA Times.

    I also found that by adding a webpage to the launcher it registers as a launchable app. So... PreCentral also opens too.
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    So far I have one mode - Bedtime. It comes on automatically at 10 pm each night and turns off at 5 am. I have it set to mute system sounds, ringer volume is at a low level and the screen turns off while on the touchstone by my bed.

    I like this a lot and am still playing around with it.
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    I really like the Good Morning one. When sconix implements mode closing as a trigger it would work even better, if set to open as soon as Night mode ends.

    He said he has made it easier to create new triggers, so I wonder if an application closing could be made into a trigger, i.e. once I dismiss Timepiece it triggers Good Morning mode.
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    Okay, I'll play. I've got:

    Work Mode: Triggers on Monday - Friday from 0730-1630. Turns the ringer and media volumes to 50; changes my wallpaper to something work related; turns on my wifi.

    Church Mode: Triggers on Sunday from 0745 - 1215 (so it covers early and late services just in case). Silences all noises; changes my wallpaper to something church related.

    Bedside Mode: Triggers every day from 2230 - 0630 if my phone's on the touchstone. Turns off data and wifi; changes my wallpaper to a starry night; turns off screen when on touchstone.

    I'd like to use the GPS trigger on Church Mode and Work Mode but I'm waiting for it to be a little more fine tuned. GPS at my church puts me across the street in the supermarket. There needs to be a refresh button on the GPS coordinates after my phone has gotten more accurate coordinates.
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    I must be the only one who doesn't care about GPS if I'm going to be somewhere more than once then I'll just set a time and date.

    The modes I got are: Work (M-F 7 am - 4am) which turns the sound and ringer off. Screen brightness at 0. Messaging Alert is on Mute. A work related wallpaper.

    Lunch Break (M-F 12pm - 1pm), All sounds at 100%. Screen brightness at 50%. Messaging Alert is on Vibrate. And a wallpaper to get me motivated to go back to work after break. When the mode closes it automatically go back to work.

    Card Ace Blackjack(Everyday at 10am) and it just opens the app so I can get my dialy chips

    Bedtime (Everyday at 11:30pm - 6:55am) Sounds is at 50%, Brightness at 7% so I can see the keypad light. A dark wallpaper and it opens up Feeds, Timepiece, and m.precentral. So I can check before I go to bed. It close at 6:55 am because my timepiece alarm goes off at 7am and having two things go off at the same time is not good.

    I love this app!
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    This Mode Switcher is making me go something something. Everyone seems to have great set ups but my friggin brain refuses to understand how to do it. I think I semi torched too many brain cells while figuring out all the new kernal stuff which was gd annoying . . . too many threads with info scattered all over with a touch of "if you aren't already cool enough by knowing linux then you don't deserve to understand this" kinda attitude.

    Need more cowbell.
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    So far, read which turns down screen brightness and opens preader.
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    The only reason I'm wanting GPS for Work and Church is to cover "unknowns" in both modes. Sometimes I go to church on Wednesday night, sometimes we go to early service. I will say the one nice thing about a timed mode is that no matter what church I go to it'd be quiet from 0745 - 1215. Work is the same way. If I take the day off, I'd rather use my default mode instead of my work mode. Or, if I left for lunch, it'd kick over to my default mode.
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    How I've got it set up:

    Default Mode:
    Trigger: N/A
    * On Charger Turn Off
    * Wifi Off

    Trigger: GPS
    * On Charger Turn Off
    * Wifi On

    Trigger: GPS
    * On Charger Turn Off
    * Wifi On

    GPS seems pretty unreliable to me, so I frequently find myself entering each mode using the menu pull down via the mode switcher patch.

    What I'd like to do is add some modes that determine when I'm not on the charger, start up Battery Monitor. When I am on the charger, kill Battery Monitor.
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    mode switcher won't install on my phone. I have a pixi. Does it only work on the pre? Or do I have to remove or add other patches before I install mode switcher?
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    I just have it to change between available, busy, and offline on messenger with the left menu patch. I might add more to those modes, or might make more modes later, but I don't understand a lot that is in the app
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    where can i find the mode switcher patch? i cant seem to locate one...
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    Currently I am trying to finish all the features and make sure that everything works. Those who cannot wait for the final release there's now a beta release available. To get your hands on the beta release add a new feed to the Preware by selecting manage feeds from app menu and add new feed with following info: Name: (what ever you want to call this feed), URL: '' (without the ''), Compressed: Yes.
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    I added that feed to download the app, maybe I missed the patch, I'll have to check again
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    The patches are in the webos-patches feed. The most important one is probably System Menu Initial Framework. Other useful ones are Launch Mode Switcher on Luna Boot and System Menu Mode Menu.
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    My custom modes:

    When I put the phone on the touchstone it enables bluetooth and launches gps dashboard, where's my car, & music remix. No more wire fiddling or manual launching. This absolutely simplifies using my device in the car!

    Trigger: Touchstone
    Settings: Enable bluetooth

    When I'm close to the office, it automatically launches trackmywork.

    Trigger: GPS location
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