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    I simply use it to dim my screen when I open the Clock app. I also run the load on boot patch.

    Best utility ever!
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    Seems like I've got a similar approach to a lot of people here in having Night and Morning modes:

    Default (mode)
    Phone, data, wifi on
    Bluetooth, GPS off
    Processor: screenstate 500/800

    Night (mode)
    Phone on
    Data, wifi, bluetooth, GPS off
    Blink notifier off
    Screen off after 15 seconds
    Trigger: Automatic on at 00:00, off at 07:00
    Processor: 500

    Morning (modifier)
    Loads email, twee, precentral and webosroundup apps
    Trigger: On at 08:00 if connected to home wifi

    Phone, data, wifi, bluetooth, GPS all off
    Loads music player remix and dr podder
    Trigger: manual
    Processor: screenstate 500/800

    That last one has everything off as I get no signal at work so avoids the phone eating battery by trying to acquire one.
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    Home Mode
    Triggers: connection to home wi-fi
    Settings: Turns all noises and ringtones up, turns data off

    Night Mode
    Triggers: 9 pm-11 am, Touchstone
    Settings: Turns off screen, turns all noises and ringtones down, turns data off

    Work Mode
    Triggers: 7:30 am-3:30 pm, connection to work wi-fi
    Settings: Turns off noises and ringtones, turns data off, sets wallpaper to company logo

    Mode switcher is by far the best Homebrew app around!
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    I use it for when I set it on the touchstone, it launches the slideshow app
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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    I use it for when I set it on the touchstone, it launches the slideshow app
    I found an app today in preware called "Slipslide" that lets you configure slideshows that start manually or with charger/touchstone.

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    I've had M.S. Installed for awhile now but never really understood it until I found the thread " Mode Switcher All Day battery life" by drahgon now that I have had time to mess around with it a little these are the modes I have ended up with. I have a phone only mode and data on mode suggested by drahgon, but I also have a good morning mode that opens the weather for a half hour. And a battery conserve mode, also a Nascar mode that opens sprint nascar app upon race beginning triggered by calender event. Then I developed a mode that when I plug in headphones it opens up Pandora, which is very useful for me at work to just plug-n-listen.
    Now that I understand this App it amazes me all the awsome things it is capable of. Thank You sconix.
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    the most amazing and useful mode all of us hsould have is data on demand. We know Pre battery life is horrible, so why leave data on ALL THE TIME? Set up your mode similar to what draghon suggested in his post. I have mine so that:
    1) Data comes on when I launch data-reliant apps---email, web, precentral app, preware, blackjack, etc.
    2) Data comes on every 15 minutes for 5 minutes to check emails.
    3) Data comes on when I am charging the phone regardless of method. WHen charging who cares about battery life, right?
    4) I have a mode that reboots the phone every other night at 11pm. This requires a modification to reset preset which is posted in draghon's " Mode Switcher All Day battery life" and does not require manual confirmation.

    thank you sconix

    it is very powerful and customizable, so read the manual.
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