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    Editing repeated events in Calendar:
    Is there a way to apply changes to future events? For example, ballet classes starting June 20 will change from 11am to 3pm. How do I apply the changes without creating a new event? There used to be an option in my Palm Centro to apply changes only to future event repeats.
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    I perused the forums today in hopes of finding a solution to this very issue, and I found this one message and a separate thread called "Pre calendar complaints", which has over 225 posts and over 13,000 views.

    How can a person use this calendar as a business tool if rescheduling events deletes all those recorded in the past? The solution is clumsy. Reset the end date for the previous event, and set up a new event.

    That said, is Palm or some other app developer not paying attention to the hundreds of calendar complaints found in PreCentral alone?

    Duplicate the Treo and Centro calendar, and all will be well.
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    There is a patch that edits a calender event not sure if it will fix your problem.

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