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    Like the title says, I would like the device temperature to be displayed underneath the time on the TS charging screen as I'm very conscious of my pre's temp while on it and this would be great convenience.
    If anyone with the right skills fancies taking a quick look at this I would appreciate it. I would but seriously lack the skills. I will happily be an alpha tester if needs be.
    Thanks in advance.

    Not sure if anyone has attempted this, please correct me if anyone has.
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    Bump, anyone feel the same?
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    Oh that sounds like a great APP would def use it.
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    When mine is on the TS if I'm running the MobileHot plus anything else I get Temp High warnings!
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    I'd LOVE this
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    Agreed - this would be a great idea. Perhaps you could display battery and CPU temperature, or select one of them.
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    I've always said having either a battery icon (that fills up) or just an actual percentage on the lock screen below the numbers would be awesome.
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    Battery icon would also be great to put on there.
    Now all we have to do is find somebody willing to try it out.

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