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    I've tried the method of going to a webpage that has the icon i want and overwriting its url with the one i want, but it's tedious and the icons don't have transparent backgrounds like all the others. I'd like to be able to set the shortcut's icon from a local directory, such as /media/internal/icons/

    I'm pretty sure the file that needs to be modified is


    So when you tap on Web > Page > Add To Launcher, there is an option to set the icon from /media/internal/icons/ in addition to the default option to crop a section from the page.
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    This isn't a patch, but it is a workaround to accomplish the end result:

    - Add the shortcuts you would like to your launcher using the Add to Launcher function.

    - Using SSH or Internalz, browse to the /var/luna/data/browser/icons/ directory on your phone and look at the contents.

    - All files that start with "icon64-" are the app launcher icons for the bookmarks you have created. Copy (or receive with WOSQI) each of these .png files to your computer.

    - These icons can be replaced by any icon file, or you can modify them as you see fit. Transparency will work just like any other launcher icon.

    - Save the new icons using the exact same filenames, and copy (or Send with WOSQI) them back to the original location (/var/luna/data/browser/icons/).

    You will now have customized launcher icons for each of your web bookmarks. Obviously it's a little bit of a pain, but I rarely change the app launcher bookmarks I use so it works fine for me.
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    Thanks, that did it...definitely a little tedious; might try to do this patch, just beginning to learn jsjsjs
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    can this be done the same way for the stock web, clock, contacts, etc...? if so, are they in the same directory as the user-created ones?

    both 'internalz' to copy and 'wosqi' to receive/send work the same for this?
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    Stock Apps:
    /usr/palm/applications/[APP ID]/icon.png

    3rd Party:
    /media/cryptofs/apps/usr/palm/applications/[APP ID]/icon.png

    Although it's probably easier to just make a small theme ( assuming you're not using one already ).

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