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    It seems that the only thing preventing iTunes syncing is the USB device string. Can someone create a patch that causes the Pre to identify itself as an Apple iPod when connecting a USB cable?
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    yes I still use iTunes to sync Music. I also have some iPods, so iTunes sync was a selling point for me for the Pre.
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    No bites yet unfortunately... Am I the only one on this forum that uses iTunes? It's quite popular you know.
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    I think it was like "change USB String" in the times of itunes 9.0.1 and then Apple implemented something more powerful to block the pre and others.
    I too wish a solution is available
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    i still use itunes too..wish i could update to solve the glitches the version i have has
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    I think many have either switched music sync applications (double twist, etc) or are still using itunes 9.0.1. That's the version of itunes that I'm using and I'm fine with it. No need for me to update itunes. Don't use it for anything else other than sync for my Pre.
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