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    I find that my favorite themes often leave that ugly green phone app, or change it with some obnoxious background. All I want is a plain phone app, but in a dark color that doesn't look so ugly compared to the rest of my Pre.

    I'd like to be able to change the color of my phone app without having to change the theme I'm using, or find that I can't live with a particular theme because I don't like the phone app color or scrim in a theme.

    My personal theme favorites are those that emulate the iPad and iPhone, because it makes it easier for my iPhone friends to play with my Pre and ultimately realize how much better it is. With those themes they are more at home with the icons, and can look past them to the real power of WebOS.

    Me: " Hey, let me show you 5 gestures and then you can play with my phone. Let me know what you think. Geesture Back, Gesture Up, Swipe Left, Swipe Right, Swipe Up. See?"

    iPhone friend: "Holy cow! That's awesome. My iPhone can't do that, show me more. etc"

    Me: "OK, let me show you what a vibrant homebrew community can do when the phone maker doesn't try to control everything, and gives you root access as you log in to the phone at set-up. No need for jailbreaking here. etc."

    Them: "That's amazing. The homebrew community obviously works in total cooperation with each other, and obviously know how to build rock-solid stuff"

    Me: "Yep, now let me show you the hotspot application that 5 people can share. Go ahead and connect your Macbook up, and run a speed test. Then tell me about the "better 3G experience AT&T promises in their ads. Oh, and the hotspot app is FREE."

    Them: "I think it's cool that you can make it look like an iPad because Apple stuff always looks great.... Hey, what's up with that ugly green phone app? can you change that?..."

    All this starts with a homebrew community that builds themes and patches, and an OS that encourages/enables it.

    I've convinced at least 3 iPhone users to get the Pre+, and there are more to come... And these are all very tech-saavy engineering types, not just fad-chasers and Steve Jobs disciples.

    That said, can anyone provide a method for me to change just my phone app color after installing a theme?

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    I'm using a theme that only changes the dialpad... I'm not sure if that's what your talking about. You can find it in the themes section,just type dial pad theme.
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    If you download the theme from precentral in a .zip form, you can look inside the .zip, find the images you want to change, and then change them before you install the theme with WOSQI. I periodically download themes from precentral just to use some of the images (I don't use themes).
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    Basically the only way is to alter the images themselves which is commonly done with themes. No patch will accomplish this same thing. If you want to install a dialpad over a theme, then do what cdonehew mentioned which is installing the theme and replacing the dialpad image files afterwards.

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    webos qi -- tweaks -- syling mods -- change phone background --- no?

    or check out scrims

    if you add no .pngs to the scrims folder the phone is a nice black color
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    i just changed the images in the phone app to what I wanted my phone to look like. no themes installed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mamouton View Post
    i just changed the images in the phone app to what I wanted my phone to look like. no themes installed.
    Any chance of a photo and more details?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mespiff View Post
    webos qi -- tweaks -- syling mods -- change phone background --- no?
    This worked for me! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, that was really simple. I was about to start messing around with a theme to try and adjust it...wasn't looking forward to that. Now I have a nice black dialer, much nicer than the green.

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    I have winscp access to my phone I find the images I want to change and make the changes. I started with instructions from the wiki Patch Phone Edit Dialer Theme - WebOS Internals

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