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    Somewhere along the line, Palm made the decision to not allow the Pixi to use PNG wallpapers within WebOS, instead opting to create a JPG compressed version first. A very badly JPEG compressed version first.

    This is what my test image looks like on the Pre, courtesy of a friend. The image was made in Photoshop and designed to basically make any JPEG compression incredibly noticeable. It was then overlaid with a screen capture of the wallpaper in use and set to difference. The solid black means that there is no difference between the screen capture and the original image.

    This, instead, is what happens when using the same test image on the Pixi. It looks awful! The center image shows the difference between the two, and makes it very obvious that it's being compressed from the original source PNG to JPEG somewhere along the line. Notice that the sharp edges are now pixelated, and that there are visible compression artifacts on the curves. It does this regardless of the original wallpaper source size (so a 320x400 wallpaper will have the same issues as a 320x480 one)

    I know webOS can do it, I just don't have the skills myself to figure it out.

    Using the luna-send commands to set the wallpaper, I believe that it compresses them at the point that the system calls
    palm://com.palm.systemservice/wallpaper/importWallpaper {"target":"/media/internal/wallpapers/your_file.png"}
    This might be a good place to start looking.

    I know the Pixi isn't the most popular phone, so if anyone needs any files from it, I'll be happy to provide them. I can handle that bit, just not where to start looking or what to change even if I found it.
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    One last bump in the off hopes that someone, somewhere, can either point me in the right direction or figure out how to patch this out.

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