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    Would love to be able to add a facebook contact using a wildcard (*) or some other way to unify texts from facebook under one contact in messaging.

    I'm sure I'm not the only one with my facebook acount setup to notify me via text when I receive a message, friend request, comments, etc.

    Facebook accepts status updates to 32665 (fbook), but sends notifications from several different numbers all beginning with that number (eg, 32665120, 326651240).

    Would love to be able to add 32665* to my facebook contact, assign a facebook logo to the contact photo, and have all of those notifications show up under one message thread.

    Anybody think this is possible or share interest?
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    Over 100 views and no responses, really? Nobody is interested in this?
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    was to add each number from FB into 1 contact in google...
    Its always interesting on Twitter @joelb
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    There's a ton of numbers. I tried that for a while.
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    It was a great time adding all 100 number's.....
    Its always interesting on Twitter @joelb
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    so wouldn't that mean there'd be 1000 possibilities?
    how about when you get a message it automatically adds that contact into facebook entry?

    if inStr 32665 = true add contact
    but then if you get a call from a phone number with that... Jus run a couple of checks, assuming the facebook number is never 7 or 10 digits
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    They reuse the same 100 numbers... 32665100 all the way to 32665199
    Its always interesting on Twitter @joelb
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    Someone write this patch!
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    +1 from me for this patch, that'd be nice

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