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    Wondering if someone could throw together a patch to remove the giant "Copy to Photos" button from the viewer that loads your MMS. Maybe make it similar to the actual photo viewer used to view your photo roll and wallpapers. When you tap it, all the buttons hide, tap again, it brings up a small button in the corner giving you options.

    Curious if anybody else would find this useful, new to webOS dev and not sure where to start.

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    Over 100 views and no responses? Nobody is interested in this?
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    I find that hard to believe.
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    Not sure why this would be needed? I don't see anything gained by this?
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    The fact that there's a giant (often pointless) "Copy to Photos" button covering the photo that you can't hide. Not too sure it would require that much effort to make it work like the actual photo viewer. I just don't know how to do it, obviously.
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    I'll go ahead and support you on this. Sometimes I may have a pic that I got through MMS andthe chat is already open. I don't want to go through finding it in my photos in the photo app, so I like to be able to just click the MMS photo to show someone real quick. The "Copy to Photos" does annoy me since I've already done it. There may also be a time when I want to view ALL of the photo with no button in the way but don't want to save the photo to my phone.

    Extreme example: someone who has a Pre so full of apps, music, video, and pics that they can't store anything else. It would be nice if they could just click to view an image and not save it without that button in the way.

    So, while it may not be a "popular" request, I agree with you on it.
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    Storage issue aside, it's often in the way. Not sure why that part of the messaging app lacks features. Doesn't even support the accelerometer for reorientation.

    Thanks for the support instead of disagreeing for the sake of disagreeing. <3

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