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    ^ thanks will give that a try
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChemEngr View Post
    Uninstall both those and try the Glass Effect Suite (alternate) theme. Had the same issues as you. Another forum member gave me the tip.
    Is that in Preware? I was only able to find 'Glass Effect' in Preware, which is the one i have installed but the alternate version Im not seeing.
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    Yes it is in Preware but it is a theme. You can find it by selecting "List Everything" and then searching for Glass Effect Suite (alternate)

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    Okay, installed the Alternate theme. Now I don't know if its my imagination or not but the glass appears to be much, much darker than before (as well as the dropdown menus). Have you noticed this as well? Like I said it could very well be my imagination but it just seems a lot darker. Additionally, the dialer has changed color from green to black/grey. Not complaining lol but just would like to have the same 'glass theme' as before if this is possible.

    EDIT: Did some comparing and the old original glass effect (patch) is indeed not nearly as tinted as the newer glass effect (theme). I have them both co-installed right now and I managed to achieve the older original glass effect complete with the new visual enhancements (ie: fade to black dropdown menus). Unfortunately my dialer is still a hideous black (no offense to the author) but everything else looks great. Would love to get my green dialer back though :/
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    hehe. You're one of the minority who likes the green dialer. lol...

    Yes, the patch and themes are indeed different. You should direct your request(s) to the developer.
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    Silly me! I should have known I was messing about too much.
    Did the cmdline (using QI) patch described in original first post and now my Pre2 is rebooting every time a try to launch anything.
    Probably should have read whole thread. ;-)
    Will have to search web to fix this I guess.
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    after upgrading to 2.1, I miss this patch so much. Please update/resubmit for 2.1? Thanks for the beautification!
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    Quote Originally Posted by djwhitey View Post
    after upgrading to 2.1, I miss this patch so much. Please update/resubmit for 2.1? Thanks for the beautification!
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    It's here [WebOS 2.0+] Glass Effect Launcher and as usual Garrett's stuff rocks!
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    Beautiful patch, i will try for my pixi
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