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    Hi! Why is it when i have my pre plugged into my computer via USB and it resets, the novacom gets stuck on and it prevents my computer from restarting or doing anything really. It wont even usually recognize my Pre until after i've hard-booted the computer and rebooted the pre. If anyone has a solution to this i'd be much obliged.

    Also if it helps i have a Windows Vista 32 os.
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    I'm on windows 7, and had the same problem as you describe. It would be a pain cause in order for novacom to recognized my pre i would need to restart my computer. since then i had learn that every time i removed my pre from my computer through "safely remove hardware" it has not done it again. seams to work for me since this was an issue every time i unplugged my pre, and no longer
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    Well, its a USB Drive. Its advisable that you "safely remove" the hardware as oppose to just yanking the cord out and expecting the comp not to malfunction without being notified that you're about to take something out.

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