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    The way Gmail is set up, when you delete an email through IMAP, it only removes the Inbox label, and is stored in All Mail. To actually delete an email, you need to move it to the [Gmail]/Trash folder.

    If I am going to swipe an email to delete it, that means that it isn't even worth my time opening and I certainly don't need it archived forever in Gmail. I would much rather have it so that swiping an email and hitting delete actually moves the email to the Trash folder. Then I could still open the email and hit the trash can to archive the email.

    Does this make sense? Is it possible? If so it would save me a lot of time..
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    You can already adjust the folder to which "trashing" a mail in Gmail sends it. Just go to Preferences and Accounts, tap on the GMail account, then adjust the Default Folders setting.
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    I know, but I want the trash can to archive and the swipe to delete. Perhaps the patch should adjust what the trash can button does rather than the swipe?
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