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    is there or can a patch be created to change the card throw away sound to something else? Thanks
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    MP3 sound ability would be cool,

    Also, if there would be a way to mute it without muting the whole phone would be great as well, My wife can't stand hearing it all day. HAHAHA.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NABRIL15 View Post
    Link doesn't work
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    NM. I fail.
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    The card does make a sound, just very quietly. try putting headphones on and listening. I posted the same thread a few days ago. I would like the sound to be louder and customizable though
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    sorry guys. I didnt realize the link was removed. It is an oldie. It had the location of the file. Damn.
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    i think i found it.
    There is a bunch of sound files in there. If it isnt this one, then it's prob another one in there.

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