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    I have noticed alot of patches such as character counter and redial have not been updated. Is there a problem with my phone or is it really just no update yet?
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    Most of the patches are updated and those that aren't are being worked on but remember the devs are people with lives and other things not mindless development drones
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    I've noticed alot of patches that aren't ready yet. Give it time and they will be updated
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    I think lack of source code may be an issue...
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    Do a search, there is a list of updated patches.

    If you are having problems try deleting Preware and reinstalling it.
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    I noticed that too, I figure even if I knew how to make patches I do not have the time to keep up with the updates and bug fixes at the rate that these guys do. So when they are updated I am very grateful. Just install the place holder and wait for the update.
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    The only one I am missing (but a great one) is Haptic Feedback manager
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    It's a tedious process is all. One has to get the file(s) off the 1.4.1 OS, re-alter them as was done for the 1.4 patches, and submit them for the online feed(s). And if those who created the 1.4 patches are on Verizon who has not yet fully distributed 1.4.1, well, the creators have to wait too. thorne
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    One thing I have noticed is people are uploading to Preware but they are not showing in Preware. There hasn't been an update added for 11 days.

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    I am surprised that this thread was even started. It's not always what you say...but how you say it. Those that create these "patches" sacrifice their time for us with little or no compensation beyond donations to enhance our experience with this device. We are lucky to have them and should exhibit patience.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stu5797 View Post
    The only one I am missing (but a great one) is Haptic Feedback manager
    +1 I really miss this too. As its been said I understand that time is needed, so I wait patiently as well.
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    I don't think the OP was complaining, we all know the guys that do this stuff are doing it on their own dime for the most part. I was curious myself that there haven't been any updates to Preware in a while if it was my phone if there just haven't been any updates. NOT complaining. If it was my phone there probably would be something I could do, but it seems like there just haven't been any updates, so I'll wait patiently. Glad the OP started this. And thanks to the people that make the patches, great work.
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    I thought I read somewhere that they were having problems with the hosting, or the servers or something, I'm not sure....I may have imagined it....but I think I read that somewhere. I think they said they needed money to fix it or it was on order, and it would be a little while before the patches feed would be updated. Can anyone confirm this?
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    There are a ton of updated patches now available through Preware!

    Everybody wants some!..
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    hey thanks for the feedback guys, i was worried that i messed up my phone or something!
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    i have downgrade form 1.4.1 if music and photo more than 100+ i will auto reboot the devices , the is the main problems
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    My Preware is showing errors when loading, 3 of them, not sure if that is blocking the updates. I show 3 available, but cannot update them. Just uploaded 800 kernel, seems to have started then, hoping that isn't the problem because I love the responsiveness of phone.
    Just holding on, nothing a big deal to complain about and really appreciate all of the work the developers do.
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    if you want faster updates. You should donate. Even $5. I would think this program is worth that.

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