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    I need to take my phone in for a hardware issue to Service Center. I just replaced first phone and this one has the usb charger door loose, catching on
    pockets, so want that replaced if possible while under 1 week old. When they look at phone, they will see Preware and go beserk.

    I just got everything put back and operating perfectly, including 800 Kernel
    and MHS, so really don't want to take all patches off if I don't have to.

    So my question is this - Can I remove Preware off phone without removing patches, including the 800 kernel. Would they remain functional, or if not,
    become functional when Preware was reloaded.

    I'm sure others have had this question, but could find nothing under search.

    Thanks, I will push that for you also if I get a response!!
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    They are most likely going to give you a refurb device. Even if they just fix your Pre, you should still remove all patches (especially the 800mhz mod).
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    To answer your question, yes your patches will remain completely unaffected if you remove Preware.

    However Garrett is right - you could run into problems if you send in a patched device for repair.

    1) They might realise you've patched it and refuse to continue with the repairs
    2) They might send you a refurb device anyway

    I would recommend removing the 800mhz patch particularly because this has been confirmed by Palm to void the warranty. Removing the other patches would be a good idea too, just to be sure
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    Remove em all, then delete the Preware app. That way you are CYAing yourself and when they look at it, they won't see anything from the stock model. It might seem like some work but in the grand scheme of things it is just a little time out of your day.
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    Thank you all for your replies. I did learn my lesson on removing Preware the hard way last month when I had accelrator issue - I didn't think, they went beserk, noted account, etc. Called Palm, they cited needed replaced, so doctored, went back to store, stood firm that phone was clean, and I hadn't "hacked and added a custom rom" (which is a Windows thing and told them so). Finally, agreed to replace, so did get a refurbished. Checked pixels, twisting, but didn't see slight catch to usb door.

    So called before removing everything - fyi, loose door is cosmetic thing, not elgible for replacement even on 2 day old phone. Stated no big deal if it comes off - well it is for me, for water and protection. But nothing 2 stores will do about it, won't mess with phone.

    However, I did thank each of you for reading and answering. It is good to know that if I did not a quick peak, I wouldn't have to take everything off. I had Dev Mode right next to Preware, that was not a good thing . .
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    Hi, i just removed preware and this one camera patch stayed. now installed preware alpha and it wonīt update any apps or patches just because of that one patch, canīt remove the patch either, not through preware tough...any hints how to remove that patch any other way? or get preware going again?

    itīs the camera patch by the way, that renames the files...

    oh and : didnīt remove that one patch before the videocam update, was afraid iīd loose my pics, that might be the reason...but do do now?

    thx for support,

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    You could try Emergency Patch Recovery. It's in Preware and should remove all patches on your Pre.

    If that doesn't work, you can try WebOS Repair Utility.
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