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    I believe patches are OTA safe. Kernels/Themes should be remove prior to an update.
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    initially I had to install this with quick install. I forgot it made it into preware. These guys are awesome!
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    @xanthinealkaloid: I tried slowFPS=7 on my pixi and it feels quite snappier in certain situations. I don't know yet if it is really faster then but it is less choppy. Most eye-catching is the glow animation with low fps. Perhaps you might want to integrate it since I don't write patches.
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    I'm not positive but after installing this patch I was unable to send text messages...i uninstalled the patch and I'm able to send texts again...anyone else? And no, I didn't read any other posts so forgive me if this is a common issue.
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    Cant dl it yet not enough posts.. nice work tho!
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    This rocks so hard thanks!
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    hey xanthinealkaloid,
    i would just like u say that I love and appreciate all ur work my pixi has been feeling amazing with this patch! I recently removed the patch though before updating and in all honesty, and please dont get offended, I prefer the original transitions and 'card animations' per se. What I absolutely love is the 'launcher improvements' that is embedded in the patch but I guess my question is as follows:

    would it be possible to make a version of the patch that leaves the 'card animations' and say transitions-between-text screens as they are by default and to just have a launcher-improvements-only version?? this would be one of my favorite apps again as I miss seeing the buttery smoothness of my pixi's cards I thank you in advance!

    ...and please do correct me if im wrong and if there arent any 'launcher improvements' at all? if so i would be bummed because I absolutely feel a difference when browsing through my is much smoother with the patch!
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    omg my fone is spaztic fast! Is this even healthy for my fone lol. I am amazed at howversatile these fones are. Constantly amazed. O.O
    I love homebrew!

    Palm Pre Plus from VZW
    -Some Emulators
    --5x4 icon V2
    --Battery Icon and Percent
    --Email Confirm/Delete
    --Enable Landscape Email
    --Fahrenheit Temperature with Battery in Device
    --iPhone style for Texting
    --Match State to Area Code
    --Unhide Dev Mode Icon
    --Video Camera Flashlight
    --Virtual Keyboard
    -Numerous Apps

    v 1.4.5
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    just got a pixi and read about homebrew apps / patches and preware - going to give this a shot thanks!
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    Wondering if someone could update the faster card animiation patch but without the hyper blink. i like how the cards pretty much always load after the first blink but with the hyper you get a couple before the load. i like the faster animations just not the faster blink.
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    anyone??? Thanks
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    I tried the hyper patch and the phone runs at 39c all the time? Normally it wouldnt be over 30 unless i surf the net
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    ^^ i second that
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    <<threads merged>>
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    ahh i just notice the poll. Definitely glow at normal speed or no glow at all. I chose glow at normal speed but no glow would be good too!

    edit: any chance you can update the regular and the no glow to work with 2.1 ? thanks
    Last edited by JanJan; 04/05/2011 at 12:39 AM.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JanJan View Post
    I tried the hyper patch and the phone runs at 39c all the time? Normally it wouldnt be over 30 unless i surf the net
    I agree. Whats up with that?
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    Congratulations, excellent patch, more effective than any over clocking kernel, donated already !!!! Good work !
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    Very very nice patch however, could we also get the same non-hyper version for the touchpad? I like the card animation speed but the glow seems off to me.
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    while uninstalling the patch for touchpad to install LunaCE I encountered a problem after restart. The system apps such as preware, device info, save restore etc do not work now and hang on glow screen. Any idea why this might have happened?
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