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    So starting April 18th, I'm going to be working in Best Buy Mobile. Needless to say, I'm going to be showing off my Pre a lot. However, there's just one problem. I have a slightly risqué picture of my girlfriend as my background currently.

    I was wondering if anyone could write up a patch so that my background would automatically be one image at a certain time, on a certain day every week, and another at a different time (For example, setting it up to be one image during business hours [set by user] and another at all other times). Thank you guys so much and I can't wait to hear the replies.

    If there is no possible way for this to be done, making a patch that would change the background image when the device is on the touchstone or charging (whichever is easier) would also be very much appreciated.

    Thanks so much. You all are the best!

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    Sure, if you can just post the background picture here, we'll all get to work on it.

    OH COME ON. You were thinking it.
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    You could always use "Mode Switcher" to create special profiles with certain settings, including background picture, based on unique events, such as GPS location (of where you work), touchstone, and time. Check it out:
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    Windows 6.0 had an app that did this, could set to the hour. I had one that showed a 24 hours scene, sunrise to sunset, moon and stars, very cool.
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    I had something like this on Android. It ran pretty slow on my G1, but with a more robust processor, it would be a great app!
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    Mode Switcher is what you need.

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    I would kind of like to have the automatic switcher though. My friends laptop has a similar thing, only it switches every time he brings it out of hibernate. I'd really like to see something like that on the pre.

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