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    I would really like to be able to quickly delete a video from the screen where I watch it instead of needing to go back to the video roll and find it again. Sometimes the thumbnail previews all look pretty similar and it's difficult to know which video I need to delete.


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    Self-serving bump.
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    I'm surprised you had to bump this one yourself.

    Here's what we need...

    This patch adds a button for deleting a video while in the details view...It just didn't seems like there was a good place to put the control in the player view, so it'll simply require a back swipe to go to the details.

    I was able to add a delete button while view a video, so see the patch thread for an updated version.

    Patch creation is something I do in my spare time for myself and the Precentral community...If you use it, please take a moment to click the thanks button, as it goes a long way to keeping me motivated.

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