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    If possible, please create a patch for this:

    I call one of my speed dials, finish my conversation and the phone app appears on the screen. My cheek ends up speed dialing other people, or i end up having to flick up the phone card app in order to make another call. it's extreley annoying, and very cumbersome while driving. Is there a way that you guys can create a patch that will NOT launch the phone app upon call completion. I just want to finish the call and close the phone without having a dialpad card on the screen.

    I'd really appreciate it, and so would my "cheekcall" victims.
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    I beleive there is a patch in Preware called close on hangup that meets your needs.
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    ya, I remember this patch already existing
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    Yes...It is available through Preware...Here's the patch thread for reference:

    [Patch] Default to call log

    I hope that helps.

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    i appreciate it guys. thanks.

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