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    I can not find how to install aupt I have pre ware but can not find it
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    Just make sure you have Preware v0.9.35 Or WebOS Quick install. It is part of it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nextjeter2 View Post
    I can not find how to install aupt I have pre ware but can not find it
    aupt scripts are included with every patch installed via preware or wosqi
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    AUPT are the installation scripts built in each patch package, so all you need is to install Preware and the Package Manager service.

    See this excellent guide they've put together: Preware

    Also, the same is true if you use Jason's WebOS QuickInstall with the only difference being if you're installing .patch files...In which case, the scripts are simply downloaded when the patch is being installed.

    More info on WOSQI can be found in the Canuck forum:

    I hope that helps.

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