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    I was wondering that based on all the amazing stuff that has been created through patches if it would be possible to mimic the iphone in this sense.

    On the iphone, after you type a word and put 2 spaces, it automatically inputs a period after the last word. Would this be possible to be done on the pre via a patch? If so, could someone create it please?
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    nope. That just modifies the autocorrect list. As implemented, webos's autocorrect can't do this.

    if they would use sed re's instead, that would kick so much ***.
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    not just ifail, my blackberry did it
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    Quote Originally Posted by spopyu View Post
    so what is the problem with setting a double space as a period with auto correct edit?

    am I missing something?
    Autocorrect only works on space boundaries. You can't have it replace a space with anything.
    : (){:|:&};:

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