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    I know that there's a patch to make the search within music ignore "the" and I believe "a" before artists names. I'm wondering if one exists to make it ignore punctuation as well(apostrophes, commas, etc.) and if not then I'm putting the suggestion out there.
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    how about a patch that prevents the music player from pausing when the camera is opened?
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    come on. NOBODY?
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    stop asking the for the same patch every 2 days it's been asked already like 5 times
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    I like this idea!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jordan23945bulls View Post
    stop asking the for the same patch every 2 days it's been asked already like 5 times
    and why dont you START being helpful or are you incapable of anything but hyperbole? I made a thread like a week ago asking if a solution ALREADY existed(in a different forum mind you). I then (almost a week later) came here to make a request. If the request has already been made...well I wouldnt know because Im never on this forum, being that Im not a programmer nor do I ever really want for anything that is not already available.
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    It is your responsibility to search the forums before you make a thread. Usually someone already made a thread similar to yours. If that is the case, then you can post in that thread and bump it to the top. I thought you knew how to use forums dude, c'mon.
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    as you well know, when you make a new thread here it gives you a list of threads with similar names. As none of th threads in that list were even remotely relevant I continued with what I was doing.

    Man what happened to the community here? Used to be so positive and helpful. Now it kinda feels like GameFAQs.

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