From the Calendar selection dropdown (top bar button on right side), where you select either All Calendars or an individual calendar name, it would be great if you could select multiple calendars. Perhaps while pressing in the gesture area with one finger and selecting each desired calendar with another in the dropdown. This was actually shown in one of the early Verizon commercials with multiple checkmarks appearing one-by-one in the dropdown. It is a pain to have to keep going back to the All Calendar view options all the time.

Since I can see all of my coworkers Google calendars, there are many times when I want to view any combination of calendars for comparison purposes without having to repeatedly change my All Calendars View Options. This needs to be fast and easy, without having to open the keyboard. I've had this need several times while in the airport running to a gate while on a phone call.

I've put in a feature request with Palm, but something tells me someone here can get it done sooner.