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    OK...This is probably stupid, but I made a mistake...

    I uninstalled the PDF Redux patch with the preferences set as Load Last Document On Startup...For whatever the reason, I deleted the document the cookie was looking to open...When I reinstalled the patch later, I was unable to use the PDF Viewer app because it was looking for the doc I deleted and fire off an error screen with a done button which closed the app.

    Sooooo....Here's a patch to remedy the situation if this happens to you...

    1. Install attached patch through WOSQI.
    2. After luna restart, open PDF Viewer, then
    3. Open a doc, and set the perferences to Load Last Document On Startup.
    4. Close the PDF Viewer
    5. Remove attaches patch through WOSQI.

    I'm probably the only person who's done this, but I hope this helps someone.

    BTW...If there's an easier way of doing this, please post.
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