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    is such a thing possible?
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    it's possible but pretty much useless you are better off snapping a pic then zooming in on it while viewing it because thats exactly what digital zoom is doing
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    I'd go for a 2x and/or a zoom and crop to edit the picture. To go any higher with a 3pm camera using a digital zoom would make the pictures look bla.
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    need zoom/crop before posting to internet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    need zoom/crop before posting to internet.
    definitely, just a zoom/crop save would be entirely worth it
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    yeah a nice pinch to zoom feature in the view finder
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    I don't know about digital zoom, at only 3MP you are not going to be doing your self a favor. but maybe a cropping tool might be usefull as it would be kinda the same as digital zoom.
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    Not much use for 'real' photography, but as long as you end up with something of 640x480 or better it would be still useful for electronic transmission. I'd probably prefer a basic editing progam that provided zoom and crop.
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    Personally I would like a zoom feature just so I don't have to crop stuff out on my PC later on, and know if a certain detail came out clear enough. I'm not expecting better quality, just a better view of a certain spot of the camera's view.
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    i think it would be ok, i had the palm treo 755p,
    Camera: 1280 by 1024 resolution, 1.3 mega pixels with 2x digital zoom
    it would capture video with only 352 x 288 pixel resolution.
    and it was pretty clear. even when zoomed in. and this camera is a 3.2 (actually 3.15) mp with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 so i would think it would be better than the 755p that i was happy with before.
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    A digital zoom might not be possible but a crop patch most definitely is! The Pre already has the ability to effectually crop photos via the "Screen Capture" command(orange + sym + P). All that would need to be done is for an option via patch to be added to the Photo App menu that effectively executes this command and saves it to a "Cropped Photos" file! I don't know code but I'm sure Jason or Rob or someone else could easily get this done! It would be huge!

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