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    Hi all,

    Iīd like to have a possibility to copy and paste or at least paste using only some kind of gestures. The idea behind this is the following. There are virtual keyboards in the app catalog which run as apps and can only send the typed text to specific apps or copy it to the clipboard. So far so good, but having the text in the clipboard doesnīt help that much, as you then have to still access the real keyboard to use the key-combo to paste the text where you need it.

    Now if we can use copy and paste by only using the gesture area and the touchscreen, this would really make sense and give access to so much more situations where whose virtual keyboards become handy. I know thereīs the virtual keyboard patch, but it really lacks in speed and stability.

    This being only one example, I can sure think of other situations where this would be a great and fast way of copying data. Imagine copying a text from a website and paste it into any app you want without ever having to open the keyboard on the pre, especially while being in landscape mode.

    Now Iīm not by any means a developer, so I donīt know how difficult this would be to accomplish in form of a patch. Maybe this is not possible at all, I donīt know. But I guess asking canīt hurt. I think many people would love such a feature on their webOS device.
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    Sorry to crush your dreams, but I highly doubt this can happen. At least in WebOS current state.

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