I hope this is just a 1.4.1 bug.

I use the Palm Clock app as my daily alarm clock. A few days ago, I was on holiday but forgot to turn off my alarm for that day and so, the alarm went off like it normally does, annoyingly enough. Worse- it just keep going. The alarm literally continued ringing until the battery was dead.

So I'd like a patch that lets me limit the alarm's ringing to X number of seconds/minutes (although seconds would be enough, if large numbers are allowed).

Less importantly, it would be nice if you could set a repeating interval with the ability to limit the number of repeats.

My use case would be to set my alarm to ring for 3 seconds, repeating every 2 minutes for the next 10 minutes (i.e. repeating 5 times). If I haven't woken up by then, it ain't gonna happen

Anyone interested in taking this on?