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    So... got my Pre in July - never installed any Homebrew items for fear of not be able to fix something if it goes wrong; however, with all the cool stuff available I just couldn't help myself.

    Needless to say, I finally did it. Then when the Palm Update ( came out - I did as instructed... I removed ALL patches using the EPR. That worked wonderfully.

    After that, I reinstalled my patches (from WebOS Quick Install on my laptop) and they all worked beautifully except the SMS per contact tone. So, after reinstalling all the patches and finding that I couldn't get the SMS tones back, I did the EPR again; however, it is not uninstalling all patches... I still have the battery percent, the two digit date, the phone background, the hepatic vibrate for the dialpad on the phone. And when I use WebOS to 'manage device' to see what 'patches' are installed, it says NONE.

    Now what? Does this mean what I think it means?????? Am I gonna have to use that doctor that resets the Pre to factory settings and redo everything????? Please say no.

    Please help me... someone... anyone... PLEASE.
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    I'm not exactly sure why you want to remove all of your patches just because one is not working but if they're not removing through EPR then you need a doctor and a 1.3.x version because that erases everything unlike the newer versions
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    While I completely understand you asking WHY I would want to remove all my patches just because one isn't working... the answer is... because I'm anal... VERY... and I like everything working perfectly without errors and the fact that I 'had' the SMS contact tone error to begin with... and now I find out that there is a new error - that being that I now cannot remove patches using the EPR... I'm even more frustrated and cannot take Pre imperfections. Everything was going so smoothly and now... I feel like it's a mess.

    That's all. I guess I should leave it alone since the patches that are on there - I obviously wanted. I'm just upset that the SMS contact tones won't work and/or uninstall.
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    Well honestly the very nature of patches begs for something to go wrong no matter how well tested they are and it's a wonder that they normally behave so well together but hiccups are to be expected
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    OMG... I am having the same issues... Ever since I installed 1.4, nothing is working correctly.... I have even install the Dr. and re-installed everything and still cant get some of my patches to work like they did... also, I can't load a theme as it says there is already one installed but when I go to Preware it shows that NOTHING is installed at all (not even the patches that are working)???

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    Most things get fixed with time. Damn, I guess I'm not one of the "most". My eyes, ears, bones etc are getting worse in time. I wounder if there is a patch for that.
    Don't worry. Most patches get updated in due time. Some later than others. And remember, the nice deal we owners have with Palm is that they add some of these patches to the updates over time.
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    just use the repair utility from jason. should fix everything so you can install the patches again. without doctoring.
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