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    I dunna if this is a stupid q... But is there any hope that I could one day use a gif photo (the pics that change /move) as a back ground... My old lg rumor could do it... I know webos is a new platform... But it's there a way to make this happen?
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    It could eventually happen but IMHO it would just be wasting battery life and resources that the pre cannot spare
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    ohh... Well I'd just deal with it... Style is like... Vary big to me... Not to be shallow... But yeah if they did that it's be great... And the batter life can be fixed with that super sized batter... T times the life of before... I just glued the case a had for the standerd pre on the bulky one looks fine
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    ohh I loved ya sig... I kinda stold it and posted it on my face book he he
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    omg and your photo ya have up lol just seen it
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    This is one of the things i really want.
    Animated background.
    Milestone can do it, why we cannot? jaja
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