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    has anyone running webOS had trouble applying patches released yest and today with v1.4.1-3 & v1.4.1-4? I am able to install without any errors, however, the function is not working after install. I retested an older patch and they work perfect still (removing and reappplying).. I just thought it's a little strange..
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    I've noticed this as well, when I updated today the Nascar app reappeared.
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    All the 'Hide App' patches that i submitted/updated that were having trouble should now be ready to go. There was a problem with some of the patches submitted to the feeds but Rod said everything is running again. I was able to remove the patch files i used & reinstalled via the patches in the feeds with no problems.

    Someone correct me if i'm wrong, but the first part 1.x.x is the version it of webOS that the patch is compatible with & the -x is the version number of that patch ( starting at 0 for dummy packages & +1 for every update to the patch ).

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