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    This patch allows a confirmation message for saving draft emails.

    Fixed order of icons
    Updated in post 8
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    I was thinking about asking for something like this, thanks!
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    Thanks! Great Patch!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Is there any way to keep the send button in the same place as it was before (Far right)? I keep deleting finished messages because you put the delete button where the send button used to be... I have to take this patch off and I dont want to! Your work is awesome by the way!
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    Didn't realize I changed the locations it you send me the order I had them originally I will put them back and upload.
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    Just for you stu5797. Let me know if it works. Updated got in a hurry
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    Unfortunately, The trash button is not working on the stu5797 patch. Thanks for doing that patch just for me but it is not necessary! Everyone appreciates your work! I like how you have the outline right now and there is no extra work needed!
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    Updated to fix the save confirmation.
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    Sorry to bring this back from the dead, but is this in preware somewhere? I tried your other patches but they don't seem to include this functionality.

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