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    This may be a really dumb request, but i think beneficial for mishaps in closing an app, like the battery monitor for example, where you may lose valuable info over time (battery drain metrics).

    any way to create a patch that protects an app from being "swiped up" accidentally? maybe it already exists, but here is my thought.

    While launching an app, hold the gesture area. then when you go to swipe it up, it will not swipe up unless you again hold the gesture area then swipe up. Kinda protects it from accidentally being closed.

    so "Gesture+tap app" to open
    "Gesture+SwipeUp" to close that protected app.

    Sounds possibly too low-level for a patch though. just wondering.
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    i have accidently closed apps when swiping up to bring up launcher also.....kinda annoying...
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    I love this idea. On TealOS for the Treo, which looks similar to webOS, you can lock an app so the card can't be taken off the screen. I would love to have this on my PRE.

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