I would like to request a patch be made to adjust/control the speaker phone volume in the Sound & Ringtones applications [or wherever].

Currently my "up" volume button is broken and I can only turn the volume down via the buttons.

I can control the ringtone and system volume programatically through the 'Sounds & Ringtones' app tho.

However, when I attempted to use my speaker phone recently, I discovered there was no way to programatically adjust the speaker phone volume.

Like the virtual keyboard for example, this seems to be a hole in the design of webOS. The attributes and options available to the Palm Pre's hardware should only be a subset of the options available in webOS. In otherwords, there should not be anything that I can do with the physical buttons, switches, etc. that I cannot also do with webOS. The Pre's hardware should be there for redundancy. Although, admittedly there are some tasks that I would accomplish with the hardware first and webOS would be the backup.

Anyway, if anyone is interested in creating a patch for this. I would appreciate it greatly.