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    Hello all the devs that make our WebOS devices better and better every day.

    This is a simple request to create a Preware patch that hides the new "Sprint Football Live" application in the launcher.

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    the existing "hide NFL" patch worked fine for me
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    Quote Originally Posted by Popper668 View Post
    the existing "hide NFL" patch worked fine for me
    The existing patch also worked for me.
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    On webos the Hide NFL app is a placeholder. It does nothing for me.
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    Since patches are version-number specific, the NFL patch just needs it's version updated. We just need someone willing to do it.
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    Anyone know of this being updated yet?
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    Yes, it's been updated. Look for Hide NFL App patch.
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    or, go into phone (root), click on the .json file for the app, and change "Visible" to False, which is that the patch does. Yes, patches are simpler and cleaner, but in the absence of one, do it yourself.

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