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    I could never read the callerID without glaces. This patch displays a large font size callerID readable without glaces..... for me. At some expense of overlaying the photo.
    The John Doe screenshot shows how many characters Size 30 allows to be displayed. Change the 30 in the patch file should you want another size. Don't delete or insert complete lines, the patch won't work in that case.

    v9.00 first release, only name is enlarged
    V9.04 adds an enlarged number display for non-listed (unknown) callers
    v9.04 name change (no dashes), now same as published one
    v1 webOS2/Pre 2 version, screendumps form webOS2
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    Last edited by Dick99999; 01/17/2011 at 07:55 AM. Reason: Name change, enlarged unlisted numbers
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    dam sweet. Does it work for sprint cdma??
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    Quote Originally Posted by trim81 View Post
    dam sweet. Does it work for sprint cdma??
    It should, but likely you're the first to try.....
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    The new version also enlarges non-listed numbers. Anyone interested in trying this patch on a CDMA model? Thanks in advance.
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    The update for webOS 2.0.1/Pre 2 is attached to the first post and will be submitted as soon as the submission portal is up again.
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    I wanted to 10q you for that gr8 patch, i'm missing it since i'm using a pixi+
    and i have 1.4.5, can it work somehow on 1.4.5?
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    The version for 1.4.5 has been resubmitted and should show up in Preware soon. Try that on a Pixi and publish a screenshot if it does not look well.
    I have no Pixi and phone patches like this one are difficult to test on the emulator.

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