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    Updated the Character Counter patch in Preware after the update. Patch says it installed but no character count shows up in the messaging app.

    Edit: Never mind - Placeholder installed - Can't delete post for some reason
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    I see the same problem...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Louie718 View Post
    I see the same problem...
    Give it time, they will get it updated. I was in a hurry this morning trying to update my patches before I went to work so I posted what I thought was a problem but forgot about the "placeholders" that are put in place so that when the update comes it will show up in Preware.

    I tried deleting the post to avoid confusion but for some reason the delete option does not show up in this particular forum, although it shows up in others.

    Although I do get the delete option for this particular post. Maybe first posts aren't allowed to be deleted?
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    I hope it get's updated soon. This is very crucial for me when updating twitter through the Messaging app and not wanting to go over 140 characters.
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    I hope this one gets updated as well. My g/f has a really old phone that doesn't like multi-part text messages. Sometimes she never gets them, other times she gets them after a huge delay, and most times she gets part 2 before part 1.
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    just another post showing my support for this patch!
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    The update has been submitted to Preware...Please see the patch thread for more info.


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