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    Anyone else have problems updating this after the update? Preware says an update is available but I get an IPKG error. Can't uninstall or update it.

    I'm getting ready to go to work so I can't post the IPKG log until I get home later tonight.
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    This patch hasn't been working since 1.3.1.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mamouton View Post
    This patch hasn't been working since 1.3.1.
    Interesting....I do know that the patch updated correctly after 1.4.0 but I never had a situation where I could test it.

    Now, it's just giving IPKG errors, I can't uninstall it either. It shows update available in Preware but the update also fails.

    I'll just ignore it for now. Thanks!
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    It would install but elyron and I did multiple tests with 1.3.1 and we never could get it to mute the tones like it did prior to 1.3.1 I truly miss it as well. I just put my phone on vibrate when on a call and then there is a very quiet ding if I get a message.

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