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    Do not know if this has already been done but i would love a patch that brings up the info page when you are making an appointment in the calender view instead of the box. I know this is a patch for the task app which is similar but would love it for calender as well. If this has been done or there is another thread could you point me that way. Thanks
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    I get ya...You want to bypass the scratch event...

    If anyone wanted to do this, look in the day-assistant.jsjsjs $to$ $find$ $the$ $references$ $to$ $the$ $scratch$ $event$ $which$ $would$ $need$ $to$ $be$ $modified$ $somehow$.

    BTW...I just posted a patch that adds buttons to creates new events.

    [Patch] New Event Icons and Shortcuts
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    That will work thanks for the link.

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