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    I was just playing with a friends blackberry and I honestly prefer a vertical bar anyone mind making this patch if it's possible thanks
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    anyone have any thoughts?
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    no one has anything to say?
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    NOPE.... we all here dislike BlueBerry
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    Quote Originally Posted by vic_singh View Post
    NOPE.... we all here dislike BlueBerry
    so even though a vertical would be more efficient (leaves more room for apps) you are saying people will not use one simply because they don't like blackberry wow that's like saying we don't like apple so no app store
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    This is a VERY difficult patch to make. The launcher is deeply integrated into Luna, it's not as simple and editing some CSS and Javascript. It's just too integrated . Low level. Correct me if I'm wrong? ??

    Even if someone could do it, it's likely that it would conflict with many other useful patches.
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    You see the smiley behind "...dislike BLUEberry"?! Pretend it's there anyway, cause we don't need little unharmful comments leading to your totally unessecary outbreak ...
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    maybe in 1.5, cause this would be a lot easier to work with at times, maybe with an integrated v-keyboard as-well, and we will be all set
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    all right thanks to most of you just wasnt sure whether or not this could be done too bad it sounds like it can't at least not now
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    I was honestly thinking about this earlier. It would deff. give you more space for more apps. But if you think about it, it would be weird to do a quick launch for multitasking. But I don't do quick launch so I would put the patch on. And no I'm not a fan of *** berrys and I honestly didn't know they had virtical launchers. Y didnt I know till now? Cause I honestly don't give enough ****s to mess with or research a *** berry. Their crap just cause I said so and I'm a proud webos user. But like nightburn said, it's hard to do. I support it tho.
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    I would like to have the vertical quick launcher, perhaps. But unfortunately, the quick launch bar is a binary. Not JSJSJS/$CSS$, $but$ $C$/$C$++ $and$ $integrated$ $into$ $Luna$, $as$ $was$ $said$ $above$.
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