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    I'm trying to set my launcher up like an iphones, but if I fill a page with icons, it bounces when I touch it, cause it thinks I want to scroll through the icons, which is only necessary when there are more icons than are visible on a single page. So it would be nice to have a patch to prevent launcher up/down scrolling
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    If you download the Add/Delete Launcher Page patch, you can add another page and then move the extra apps to a new page. This shop fix the issue you are experiencing.
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    I just would like a patch to disable verticle scrolling in the launcher

    I have add delete pages, 4 pages currently, and 5x5 icons v1. If I put my icons at 5x5, they will try to scroll up and down, really just bouncing, which I don't like. So, even tho I have that patch, I've laid them out 5 across 4 down so they don't do that, but that leaves a big gap.

    before, when I had the patch to hide the quick launch bar, I had the same 5x5 patch, and they didn't bounce @ 5x5, but they did at 5 across 6 down, which was the only way to not leave a gap.
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    so I can't use lite list launcher with advanced launcher config anymore, so I am back to setting it up like an iphoneish launcher...and so I want this again

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